Ten Hag asked to cross-legged 3 points better than showing smarts using Super Subhae

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Eric Ten Hag, manager of the Manchester United team, opens his heart. If he chooses to win the game with a flat belly. Better than throttle brains to send a substitute to turn the situation around 3 points like the duel Omonia Nicosia in the Europa League 2 home and away games ufabet.

Last week, United won 3-2 in Cyprus thanks to substitutes Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial .  

And yesterday’s game at Old Trafford was no different because of Scott McTominay’s red-clad island. The super sub, who came down to solo the tone goal 1-0 in the stoppage -time. Forming from two reserves as well, Christian Eriksen and Jadon Sancho .  

The praise from netizens praise the 53 – year-old boss that he had a vision of sending any substitutes onto the field to score a goal. However ‘ ETH ‘ did not want such merit. Because looking at the trick to solve the game in hand, it has a day out of jokes as well.  

“ We are happy with the outcome. which tells you something about team spirit and strength

“ It made it clear to the boys that not only the first 11 players. But also the whole squad, together we can win. ” 

“ About sending subs to get results, you have to do it. which sometimes makes sense as it appears. ” 

“ Of course, if you have faith in the game changer , the opponents get tired. Only then can the subs put into the field can influence. Plus when they have a positive attitude , when they are true to the way they do it. ” 

“ That’s the offensive game. I also like to be a defensive back-up , for example Raphael Varane, who came on the pitch and made a crucial defensive shot ( headed against Everton in the 2-1 win over Everton in the league ).”

“ The credit for the reserve change is correct. it’s not about me Because when you put Scott McTominay in, you know exactly what he can do. ”

“ It’s good if the players you switch in score goals. But it also includes those who send matches and save wins for teams like McTominay or Varane . ”

McTominay is the second substitute to score the winning goal from 90 minutes for Manchester United in all European club championships, the latest since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer created in the 1999 Champions League final .