“Klopp” hits the move to deal with Haland

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference before meeting Manchester City (October 16) about dealing with hot-form striker Erling Braut Haaland that he still hasn’t hit the problem. break Let’s go back and do some more homework and watch the race day.

The ‘ Reds ‘ kicked eight matches on the day just 10 points , their worst in a decade , 13 points behind runners -up City , so losing again would almost limit the chances of a miracle at the end of the season.   

But many people are worried about the problem of Klopp ‘s team, defensive game leaks , plus factor Haaland, the old champion spears, has made 15 goals ufabet from 9 matches, may break through until the Anfield tragedy

Therefore, the 55 -carat -year-old boss wants to consult the team in order to extinguish the Norwegian players. Or at least the minimum damage.

“ When you have to play against the best strikers in the world at this hour. You have to make sure the ball doesn’t reach that guy , ” said Klopp .  

“ That was a challenge when dealing with him. That’s why we are trying to do our homework. ” 

“ Because against City , if only to shut down Haaland with a lot of players swarming. It also opens up a gap for other world-class players. ” 

“ Which way you choose, life is not easy. But that is a problem in football that we have to find a solution to. ” 

“ When he was in Salzburg and met us on the Champions League , that guy was even younger than he is now. But you can see the potential If I’m not mistaken, he didn’t play in the starting line -up – he was a substitute to play because he had just recovered from injury. ” 

“ We were busy thinking about how to cut him out of the game. But that guy shoots well !” 

“ Erling ‘s physique sets a new standard for the industry. It’s a mixture of good people , outstanding techniques , and a keen sense of sight. ”

“ On the field, the way of playing is according to the striker’s tradition. Challenging offside checks and good at reading traps. ”

“ Many elements make him a good striker. Where there are only world-class characters waiting to open and find a way to mold. ”

” De Bruyne , Gundogan , Foden , Mahrez – the perfect fit , no doubt. ”   

Interpretation between the lines , Liverpool may challenge to exchange punches, stand up to attack who is sharper, with the Asian Handicap at Anfield, giving ‘ Blue Sails ‘ a per-half -10, a total of three goals. Three and a half -5