James has a knee injury that is stronger than expected, indicating a lack of luck for the World Cup

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Chelsea right-back Reece James has little chance for the 2022 FIFA World Cup for England. After suffering a knee injury in the midweek Champions League game that was worse than expect. Resulting in having to undergo surgery that is difficult to recover in the middle of next month.

According to ‘ Mail Online ‘ , James was originally set to be a key player in Gareth Southgate ‘s ‘ Roaring Lions ‘ team alongside Kieran Trippier. With Kyle Walker and Trent Alec. Sander – Arnold is an interlocutor.  

However, the injury from the 2-0 win over Milan at San Siro look more serious than expect when an MRI scan showed damage to the lateral knee ligament ( MCL ) yesterday.  

Treatment methods include either letting it heal naturally or surgery to recover. But no matter which way to choose, at least 6-8 weeks of rest resulted in inability to be in the 26th England squad for the World Cup in Qatar.  

This is a serious problem for Southgate and head coach Graeme Potter, Chelsea camp , because since taking the position of the 22 – year-old as a key player when starting 6 of the last 8 league games ufabet.  

While the England national team’s name is actually the UEFA Nations League period, both games as well .